December 14, 2015

Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Melbourne

Get set to invite the breeze in!

For those who have multiple rooms and areas that require appropriate cooling and heating systems, South East Air has bought a range of cooling equipments that will serve your needs the best. With the ability to perform wonders with just one outdoor unit, the spilt system conditioner installation has gained immense popularity in the recent past. To make matters better, the spilt system installation cost effective services are also enabled with great repairs and maintenance services alongside.

Great blend of portability, style and comfort

Who would say no to gaining luxury by adapting to cooling techniques that involve varied features backed by great durability and affordability? Along with these, when it is catered to by highly professional service providers and installers, every individual is bound to switch to these artificial means of cooling and heating.

The Split System Features include:

  • Ability to have multiple indoor units off one outdoor unit
  • Individual Room Temperature Control
  • Incredible Energy Star Rated
  • Easy clean, Low maintenance
  • Running Costs from 10 cents per hour (depending on the size of the unit)

Ducted air conditioning – a true style of sophistication

With every organization being keen on opting for a sophisticated set up, the demand for split system air conditioner installation in Melbourne has increased parallelly. With the ability to keep the environment stable throughout, irrespective of the changing weather conditions, these technical experts have outdone the other set of artificial means of getting air in. The technological invention in the field of artificial air creation, has also enabled these split system air conditioner installation to be well equipped with a highly functional button click for its operation.

Ideal cooling solution for residential and commercial set ups

Wall mounted split AC systems are the best affordable option for a one room, apartment or small house as they are relatively cheap to buy (depending on how many indoor units you require) and there is no duct work required, which makes it an efficient system to own and install. The elegant design of these compact systems add a pleasing impact on the visual appearance of the place it is installed in.

Less sound with high cooling benefits

Split air conditioning systems can be fitted to individual rooms, areas or multiple rooms connected by copper piping to an outdoor unit (condenser). Multi-head split air conditioning systems can be installed for up to nine rooms with only one outdoor unit, and allowing for individual temperature control of each room. Along with the providing split system installation at cost effective services in Melbourne, we also ensure provide utmost reliable services of servicing and repairs, testing, maintenance, inspection and much more.

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