September 22, 2015





A ducted gas heating system is operated by drawing in air through a fan, and passed over to a heat exchanger to warm it. A return air vent (grille) recirculates air to the furnace, beginning the cycle again.ucting (which is connected to the heater/furnace) distributes the heated air throughout the home, and is usually hung/strapped within the ceiling space or under the floor.


Wall mounted split AC systems are the best affordable option for a one room, apartment or small house as they are relatively cheap to buy (depending on how many indoor units you require) and there is no duct work required.

Split System Features
- Ability to have multiple indoor units off one outdoor unit
- Individual Room Temperature Control
- Incredible Energy Star Rated
- Easy clean, Low maintenance
- Running Costs from 10 cents per hour (depending on the size of the unit)


Hydronic heating systems work by re-heating and re-circulating water (circulating in a pipe) in a closed environment. Most hydronic heating systems use gas boilers, which can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 95 percent. You can even use solar to power your boiler, making it even more cost efficient to heat your home.


Hydronic Heating Features
  • Healthiest Option
  • Comfortable
  • Hidden (Floor Heating)
  • Cost Effective
  • Unaffected by Outside Temperature