December 14, 2015

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Highly flexible and user-friendly air conditioning system

If you wish to put up a cooling or heating system to efficiently spread the temperature across different units of the same place then you can switch to ducted air conditioning installation in Melbourne. Being a resident or a part of the commercial space in of Melbourne, you will not have to worry about the cost of ducted air conditioning, as South East Air is known to provide highly cost-effective services of ducted heating and cooling in Melbourne.

Ducted heating and cooling systems can provide your Melbourne home with a comfortable temperature year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. It does this while filtering the air and removing humidity. Heating is provided economically by “reversing” the operation of the air conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air, it does the reverse – hence the term ‘reverse cycle’ air conditioning. Evaporative cooling is the one of the cleanest and healthiest ways to cool your house. With evaporative cooling there is no need to keep the house shut up to stay cool, you can keep doors and windows open without any worries.

Gas Ducted Heating system for a warm cozy environment

A ducted gas heating system is operated by drawing in air through a fan, and passed over to a heat exchanger to warm it. A return air vent (grille) recirculates air to the furnace, beginning the cycle again. Ducting (which is connected to the heater/furnace) distributes the heated air throughout the home, and is usually hung/strapped within the ceiling space or under the floor.

Wide range of features at cost-effective prices

The various features that call in or a need to opt for ducted air conditioning installation are:

  • Evaporative Cooling Features
  • Natural, fresh air, whole-of-home cooling system
  • Incredibly low running costs
  • Cheapest form of ducted cooling
  • Unaffected by extreme heat

Extremely versatile range of cooling and heating systems

With carefully manufactured products and proficient sales persons that have vast knowledge and experience, you can be rest assured of getting the right ducted heating and cooling system in Melbourne. The dedicated and committed team of South east Air is well trained with techniques and etiquettes of delivering the most efficient commercial air conditioning in Melbourne, that enable the customers to enjoy stable temperatures at home all year round. Our hard work and commitment through the years of service has enabled us to pride about the fact that we have been praised and loved for the customer delight we give.


Ducted cooling and heating systems for a luxurious living

The ducted cooling and heating systems that we provide are extremely safe to skin and overall health and will not cause any harm due to vigorous usage. These systems are highly equipped with features that do not require regular checks of efficiently and also emit less noise, helping you sleep sound and work better. The very fact that these are installed along the roof, will give you an effect of equally spread air and heat, leaving your guests overwhelmed of visiting your house. These ducted heating and cooling systems are also a boon to the corporate sectors which require effective temperature settings for a closed structure.

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